FujiFilm X-Pro2

Well, I have mentioned it prior in my ramblings but I finally have it! I have acquired the camera I have wanted ever since I switched over to Fuji from Sony a few months back. I am now the proud owner of the rangefinder style X-Pro2, and so far, I’m smitten. Ok that’s probably an exaggeration to some extent but I truly am excited to have one in my possession.  DSCF0009

Xpro2 ISO 400, f2.0 1/105 ( Shopping at Target )

I wont bore you with the tech as it can be found in almost every review and blog post on the internet, so I’ll just dive right in to why I love it and think its perfect for me. Before I get to far ahead, I want to remind you I still have my trusty FujiFilm Xt-1 and love it but there is something so sexy ( yep that just happened ) about the rangefinder style body and I have zero shame in that. If you don’t know what the difference is between DSLR style and Rangefinder style, simply put the viewfinder is all the way on the far left of the camera body and not front and center like other cameras. Why do I like this better? I’m so glad you asked.  ( humor here already )FB_IMG_1500991403601FB_IMG_1500991395409

Photo Credit belongs to my friend Haniel Singh, and the previous owner of this gem.
  1. I am right eye dominant so I’m not getting my LCD dirty by smashing my face into it every time I take a shot.
  2. I like being able to see my subject with my left eye while framing in camera with my right eye.
  3. Reason #2 also lead me to this reason: it allows me to be seen which I think is less intimidating to clients and lets me have a more personal approach to my work.
  4. I said it before and your still laughing about it but its Sexy. I love how it looks and feels in hand. Yes it could use a thumb grip like my x100s had ( RIP ) or a grip for just a bit more real estate to attach to.
  5. It doesn’t stand out in a way that people automatically see a camera. It let’s me be as stealth as a bald, tattooed fella can be in public.DSCF0012
    Xpro2 xf35mm ISO 200, F2.0 1/950th

Ok, so you may or may not agree with some of my reasoning and that’s great, because I said it’s why “I” love it, but that doesn’t mean those reasons fit everyone else.

The amazing EVF/OVF has been praised everywhere for good reason and that option is the reason I will most likely make a new Youtube video. I often use off camera flash, and unlike my Sony camera the LCD doesn’t adjust when the Godox X1tf trigger is attached so it literally means you may be focusing in the dark. Easy solution, flip over to OVF lock focus, exude confidence and nail the shot!DSCF0036

Xpro2 xf90mm ISO200, f2.0 1/125


Xpro2 xf35mm, ISO250, f2.0 1/300

I have only had my new camera for 1 day.. literally 24 hours from writing this. So I can’t speak into it on a long day of shooting yet but I am fully confident that I have found my favorite camera to date. I have had a lot of cameras, so that alone is big for me. I also mentioned this in a previous Youtube video, how switching to Fuji has made being a photographer fun again, and that has not faltered 6 months into using strictly Fuji equipment. I even added some OCF options and more of those to come to truly suit my style of photography. I have attached a few images in the post , and all are from the Xpro-2 and either the xf35mm , or the xf90mm.  I can’t say enough about these lenses either. Paired up with the new Xtrans sensor, they are crazy fast, and so is the camera’s shutter.. its immediate.. I didn’t know I was missing that, but now I’m so excited to have it and utilize it.  I would love to answer any questions anyone has about this camera or my lenses, and how I use OCF and Fuji. Just hit me up in the comments and we will talk it out! As always thanks for reading to here, and I hope that if you are considering the switch to the XPRO2 or Fuji that I can be of help and pass my love for the system over to you. Is it for everyone, probably not but it could be! Im yet to put it to a task that its let me down. I do have some things I would change but this isn’t the time or place for those nit picky comments!




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